Once upon a time in the November of 1996, two teens were chatting in a Christian chat room called Lighthouse Chat which is a part of NetCentral Chat. Greg used the handle of "Gman aka Bannerman" and Tarynn used the handle of "Promise Child." They'd seen each other before, but had never really chatted. After seeing each other in there more and more often, they began to chat and get to know each other a bit better. Soon enough, they were emailing each other several times a day, and things were peachy keen! Thanksgiving went by, and the week after, Greg sent Tarynn a real dozen red roses, a balloon, and a teddy bear (and we're NOT talking virtual! These were REAL!). This was just the beginning of a wonderful relationship! We know what all of you readers are thinking - "but how on earth could a long distance relationship work out?" Well, they do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder! :) Greg officially asked Tarynn to be his girlfriend on December 6th, 1997.

In March of 1997, Greg came to South Carolina (where Tarynn lived at that time - Greg lives 1,000 miles away in Missouri) to meet Tarynn face to face for the very first time. What a terrific week together! We did everything from bowling, to the beach, to shopping, to the movies - it was just a total blast! After a week together, they had to say our goodbyes - except for instead of actually saying "goodbye", they said "see you soon!" And they were right!!

During the first week of June of 1997, Greg set out to make his second trip to South Carolina - along with his parents, and an aunt! They rented a condo at Edisto Island in SC, and stayed for a week. Another week was shared between the two and both were anxiously awaiting to sit through Tarynn's graduation ceremony on June 6th! But, due to horrible weather that particular weekend - the graduation was postponed, and things didn't work out according to plan. Greg missed the ceremony due to rescheduling! :( But, spending a week with each other made up for it!

Now being 7 months together, things couldn't be better. It was now Tarynn's turn to take her first trip to the lovely "Show Me" state of Missouri! The vacation was filled the brim with excitement - and the fun never ended! The highlights of the week were probably the fair, a day trip to St. Louis (where we got to meet another online friend - Sandy), a lunch out with more online friends (Lorraine, Redd, Lori, Josh, and Brandy) in St. Joseph, Missouri, and MORE! It was very difficult to drag Tarynn away from Greg once again...but, we knew that it wasn't goodbye!

The day after Christmas '97, things were crazy at Tarynn's house! She was getting ready to board the plane and fly to Missouri for the second time! She got to stay there a week again, and Greg and her did tons of great things together! It was definitely a "movie mania" week! They even got to see "Titanic"!! Spending time with each at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve was also awesome! Happy 1998! :)

Being together nearly for almost 14 months, Greg told Tarynn her Valentine's Gift for 1998 - told her early, but had to due to obvious reasons...reasons being that he was flying Tarynn to Missouri for Valentine's Day weekend so that they could be together! Oh, how romantic!!

Valentine's Day weekend arrives before they know it, and Tarynn is on her way to see her sweetheart! After arrival (close to midnight), they stop at Perkins for a quick bite to eat (thank goodness for 24 hour restaurants!), and after eatting, Greg popped the question - "Will you marry me?" After total shock, Tarynn finally let out the word "YES!" This Valentine's Day will NEVER be forgotten for either of them! The wedding won't be for a while...but, keep coming to this site for more information!

On March 4th, 1998, Tarynn flew to Missouri to be with her sweetie! They stayed there until the 6th - and on Friday (the 6th), they drove from Missouri to South Carolina (a 14 hour drive! Whew!)... But the time went really quickly, and it only felt like 2 hours in the car! We admired the beautiful world God created, and Tarynn even got a snapshot of the beautiful mountains in Tennessee! Greg stayed with Tarynn's family until the 14th of March! During the week they enjoyed going to the movies, bowling, walking around in downtown Charleston, hockey games (S. Carolina Stingrays), and much more! We also took pictures at Sears Studio, and we hope to have one of those scanned ASAP! It was very hard to say goodbye on the 14th - not knowing when they would see each other again before summer came...

But alas! There was indeed a surprise! On Friday, the 20th of March, Greg called Tarynn and told her that he bought her plane tickets to come for to Missouri for Easter Weekend! So, Tarynn will be there from the 10th till the 13th of April!

Tarynn visited Greg on April 10th - 13th and had a marvelous time!! Simply marvelous! :) We went to Silver Dollar City amusement park with some close friends of ours (Kimmy, David, Larissa, Cheryl, Kathy, and Caris), Easter Sunday church service, an indoor picnic (due to the gusty winds that particular day) with Greg's brother (Kevin) and Kevin's wife and daughter.... The list goes on! Oh, and not to forget playing pool and pinball at a local bowling alley for a couple of hours!! It was great!

Tarynn and Greg saw each other in May, too! Two times, in fact! In the middle of the month, when Greg drove to S. Carolina for a weekend, and then towards the end of the month, when Tarynn flies to Missouri from the 22nd (which is Greg's birthday) till the 31st.

The first trip in May (when Greg drove to see Tarynn) wasn't too great because Tarynn got extremely sick with tonsilitis, pharyngitis, and a sinus infection! She was in and out of doctor's offices and the hospital to get IV's due to dehydration. It was awful! Poor Greg had to just sit by Tarynn's side as she slept all day for 4 days (and missed a week of work)! He ended his trip short by driving back home 3 days earlier than expected, but we felt this was best so that Greg wouldn't get sick, too!

Luckily, a week and a half later, Tarynn was on the road to recovery and was able to fly to Missouri for a week! It was so much fun!! We went to several movies, out to eat at various places, a show in Branson, attended his brother's and sister in law's (Kevin and Melanie) wedding reception, and MORE!

The happy couple was able to be united again August 21st till the 31st. Both Tarynn and Greg had a great time together!! The highlights of this trip were: bowling, a show in Branson, going to an amusement park, meeting up with an Internet friend, visiting relatives, and MORE!

October rolls around and Tarynn gets to go to Missouri for a whole month - from October 14th to November 27th! Lots of things planned... Also, registration for spring semester at Drury College! G & T always are havin' a blast - every trip!!

Next time Tarynn comes out to MO will be right after Christmas - and will be here for a LONG time!! In other words - she's moving to Missouri!! *giggles* Tarynn will arrive back to the "Show Me" state on Saturday, Jan. 9th, 1999!! Work starts on the 11th! And college classes start on the 20th!! Busy, busy, busy!!

Well, Tarynn is back in Missouri! Yahoo! But, this will be for "good"!! Things are going great... Both Greg and Tarynn have started spring semester at Drury College. And both are working lots! But, we are able to find some time to spend quality time together. :) Which is important. We wanna start planning our wedding! :)

On February 13th, we drove up to Boone, Iowa to meet an internet friend for the first time in person. Meeting Regan was really fun! We went to go see "Blast from the Past" at the movie theater! Then, we went bowling! Then, we went to Applebee's for a tasty dinner! THEN, back to her house...where we played games, and got to watch Veggie Tales! *grin* Hopefully we'll get some pictures scanned soon!

Valentine's Day 1999 was nice! We had agreed not to get each other anything - but that didn't happen. Hehe. I got Greg chocolates...and he bought me roses. We did go out to dinner though - which was a delight! We can't believe that it's been a year now of being engaged! Can you?!

More details and events to come! Stay tuned, as this site is ALWAYS changing!!


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