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Some of my FAVORITE Links!!

Greg's Homepage!
(my fiance's page)
FREE Email Accounts - yep, absolutely free!
NetCentral Chat
I very rarily chat...but when I do, this is one place to find me! My handle that I usually go by is "Promise_Child"!
SC Stingrays Ice Hockey Team!
Garfield Website!
Postcards, Jokes, Recipes, Games, Links and MORE!!
Search Engine - Webcrawler
Education Links!
Everything you've always wanted to know about education!
Missouri Information!
See where I live! *grin*
Internet Card Central!
TONS of awesome links! Worth checking it out!
Goof Troopie's Page!
(my other homepage!!! more links, & info! )
My Disney Link's Page!
If you are a disney fan, this page is a must see!
Quotations of Promise!
Do you like sitting back and reading heartwarming, and loving quotes? Go here, if so!
Greg and Tarynn's Homepage
This is a page that my fiance and I made together! Take a peek!

Hello!! In this section, I wanted to mention all of my email pals and friends out there on the net whom I've come across!! If by any chance you don't see your name on here, and I know you, please let me know so that I can add you asap!

EMAIL PALS/FRIENDS(in alpha order)!!!
Alisha (my brother's girlfriend), Alison (AOL pal), Amanda (my cyber little sis/AOL pal), Amee (Hawaii friend), Amy Z. (Virginia best friend), Angel (email pal), Ann M. (high school buddy), Ann S. (pen pal), Anna (Email Pal), Apostle (chatting buddy), Ashley (Email pal), Baby (chatting buddy, pen pal, and friend), Becca S. (SC school friend), Beth A.(school friend, and email pals), Beth Parlow (email buddy), Beverly (Email friend), Brendan (SC friend, email pal, AOL friend), Bri Guy (chatting buddy), Brianna (chatting pal), Bucy (Heidi) (chatting pal, and pen pal), Candy Rain (Jennifer) (cyber sis and sister in the Lord), Candyce (AOL friend), Cari K. (Hawaii friend), Casey R. (email pal, chatting pal, pen pals, "sisters in Him"), Cathy M. (one of my best friends, email pal, and pen pal), Cheri K. (Hawaii buddy), Cindy Allen (SC friend), Cindy (& family) (email pal), Coryne (Hawaii buddy), Cylinda (AOL buddy), Cyndy (My Aunt!), Darain (Hawaii pal), David & Auntie Liz (very close friends from Hawaii - like family!), David K (email pal), DeAnne (email pal), Debbie (email pal and pen pal), Delle (Hawaii friend), Destiny (Hawaii friend), Dianna (SC high school pal), Emily (Virginia friend & pen pal), Esther (my cyber auntie) (and her daughter Lori - (pen pal), Eva (email pal), Ferber Family (the best family to babysit for in Hawaii), Fervent One (Kenny) (email pal and chatting friend), 4Him (chatting friend), Gabrielle (chatting friend), Gary (email pal), Gil J.(school friend and email pal), Grammy and Pop-pop (my mom's parents! I love you!), Greg (my sweet, loving, caring, wonderful fiance!! I could go on and on! ps...LL&L!), Guardian & Buttons (chatting & email pals), Haynes Family (SC friends), Heather (email pal, pen pal, and friend), Heather (mIRC friend), Helen (chatting friend, and pen pal), His Servant (chatting friend), Holly (chatting friend), Irene (email pal/pen pal), Jade (Prayer Partner, good friend, and email pals), Jase (chatting friend), Jason (MO friend), Jason Pavia (Hawaii friend), Jen T (school friend), Jennie U. (Hawaii friend), Jenny G. (SC "mom"), Jenny S (Hawaii friend), JFProfit (chatting friend), Joan of Arc (chatting pal), Joni Y. (Hawaii friend), Josh B (email bud), Joshren (cyber mommy!!!), Jubilee (chatting pal), Justin T. (Hawaii friend), KATH (chatting pal), Kathleen (email friend), Kathleen L. (One of my Missouri "mom's"), Kathy (AOL friend, and "sister"), Kelly (KOZ's gal) (chatting friend), Kelley K. (school friend), Kimmy (AOL buddy and "sister"), KOZ! (Kelly's guy) (chatting friend), Kristine (my cousin), Kristin (AOL IM Buddy), Kristin K. (high school friend), Kyle S. (Hawaii friend), Laura (cyber mom), Laurie I. (Hawaii friend), Leaya C. (Hawaii friend), Linzy (email friend), Lisa (chatting pal), Liz E.(pen pal/email pal!), Liz Y. (Hawaii friend), Lynn P. (SC "mom"), Lynx (AOL buddy), Matt (my brother!), Michael P. (Hawaii friend), Michelle (email pal), Minnie (LeAnn) (good friend and "sister in Him", pen pal, & chatting buddy), MOM (cyber mom), Momma Jackson (SC teacher and friend), Mugsy (chatting friend), Mustard Seed (chatting friend), Neighbor (chatting friend), Nerissa I. (Hawaii friend), Nichole J. (high school friend), Nicole C (one of my best friends, and email pal), Norma C. (SC "mom" - my nonie!), oprisko (chatting pal), opus (chatting friend), Pam (old friend from VA), PANDA (chatting friend), Papa John (chatting friend and cyber Papa), Payne Family (SC friends), Prayer Partners (Jade, Gary R., Amanda, Angela, Beverly, Bill, BrandyMae, Carol, Curtis, Debra, Don, Ellen, Finney, Gary S., Jason, Jennifer B., Jennifer E., Julia, Julie, Karen, Keith, Laura, Lea, Leigh-Ann, Mandy, Michelle, Muawia, PeggyLynn, Rick, Rob, Sherrie, Sir Pippen, Steve, Susan, Suzy, and Whitedove), Prophet (chatting pal), Rachel C. (high school friend), Regan H. (email pals, chatting pal, friends, and "sisters in Him"), Reyna (Hawaii friend), Rob (Jesus Freak Ministries pal), Robert F. (SC friend), Robin K. (Hawaii friend), Ryan (mIRC friend), Sandy (a friend and "sister" in the Lord, pen pal, chatting friend), Sarah (AOL friend), Sarah from Bangor (chatting friend), Sarah D (good friend, pen pal, chatting pal & email too!), Sarah (netcentral friend), Sharon (old friend from VA), Silent Poet (chatting friend), Sola Fide (chatting friend), Song of Joy (Momma Carol), Sparrow Song (chatting friend), Spaz (chatting friend), squeeks (chatting friend), 'Starr ("sister" and good friend in IRC), Sunflower (chatting friend), Susie (email friend), T-wayne (Travis) (AOL buddy and friend), TAM (chatting pal), Tara (college buddy), Teacher Cadets from SC, Trine (email friend), Waxxman (email friend and chatting pal), Winnie (chatting pal), and Zak (chatting friend)!!

You all mean so much to me! I love you all!! Email me soon!! :o)



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