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Greetings and thanks for visiting this page! My parents live in San Marcos, CA - which is in San Diego. They moved there in August of '98. They will be there for at least 3 years due to my dad's job. On this page you will find some links associated with California. There might be pictures posted in the future!!! But, for more info about me - be sure to visit my main homepage located HERE! (It provides more information about me and my background, plus MANY more links!) Thanks a million! Have a blessed day!

My Snazzy List of California Links!!!

San Marcos Web Page!
(The city in San Diego where we reside!)
San Diego Zoo!
(The world's finest!)
Virtually San Diego!
(An in depth view of this area!)
Disneyland - California!
(It's gotta be the happiest place in California!)
Sea World - Shamu Adventure
(An awesome amusement type park here!)
San Diego Shopping!
(A must in every female's schedule!)
San Diego Chargers
(The official website for this football team!)
San Diego Padres
(The official website for this baseball team!)
Navy Military Bases in San Diego and other areas!
(Where my dad works!)
Goof Troopie's Website!
(My main homepage!)

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